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White Boot Trend…


Hello everyone, I’m coming to you sharing my new love of the white boot trend. What’s funny is my mother said, if white boots were not trending you wouldn’t wear them. Well guess what she’s right! I don’t think I have ever own any white shoes. The look just never interest me. Wow… how time has changed, because they are the BOMB. I found these cute white boots from Target, yes Target. I feel they can be paired with almost anything. I opted for a cute dress that gave me a 70’s feel. So what do you think of this new white boot trend? FYI: I will be doing a three blog posts sharing my new found favorite.

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Bag: Coach


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Floral duster jacket…

IMG_4102Greetings from Houston, Texas! I’m coming to you to share this STUNNING duster. While out shopping, I saw her looking at me in the window display, and immediately went into the store to purchase. As I looked around, I only saw one and I knew that was meant for me. Well… wrong size (sad face), now I had to order the duster online. It actually worked out better, because they were having a major sale going on.
I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with, because distressed denim looks great with anything. The colors are so rich and vibrant in the duster, and the material is amazing.

I combined the duster with my favorite distressed denim jeans, light blue cami, pink furry heels, and pink austin earrings. Very hard decision to make on the shoes, so on this post I also paired the duster with burgundy heels. Which one you think looks better? This is the perfect piece to transition into fall, and it will definitely be in heavy rotation. Being a short girl, this duster was petite friendly. Who else gets excited when you can buy right out the store with no alterations? Having a great quality duster coat, will elevate your ensemble. Trust me this one doesn’t disappoint! This is the type of duster that can be easily dressed up or dressed down.



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Necklace:Sam Moon




These distressed denim jeans are the most flattering jeans I own! 




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Floral dress…


I have truly fallen in love with floral prints. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers, especially when the flowers are on a dress. You can’t go wrong with floral prints, and I have really been blessed to find some great pieces. My most recent find was one that I found at Burlington Stores. This “dress” is my new favorite, because it can be worn two ways. I love dresses that give me versatility. Now the colors really caught my attention, and once I saw the price it was sold. The lace was such a nice touch to the dress. I decided to pair the dress with my cobalt sandals, and red coach bag. The dress speaks for itself, don’t you think so! Now tell me, do floral prints make you just as happy as they make me?








Dress: Burlington

My original sandals are no longer available, so I linked another pair that I love in cobalt. Sandals

Bag: Coach

Accessories: New York and Company

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Yellow flower love…


When I was contacted by Stay Fierce Boutique about collaborating with them on a blog post, I didn’t know what to think. I had never heard of the boutique, so I searched the internet to see what type of clothing they had to offer. Let’s just say I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw all the cute dresses they had to offer. I knew this was going to be a great partnership.

As I strolled page by page, this bright yellow dress with flower prints on it made my day (who doesn’t like bright colors?) I immediately sent the email back to gladly accept. I knew exactly what I wanted to pair the dress with. I decided on my pink fluffy heels I had purchased at A’gaci, and nude color bag purchased from Sam Moon. So, now all that was left to do was wait anxiously at the door. Nah, I’m joking… Well not really!

The dress finally arrived, and I was ready to get dress and show the world this cute little number. I received multiple compliments, I do believe it was the bright yellow color. The dress had all the colors for a nice Spring look, and most importantly the flower detail. I’m wearing a size medium, and  the dress fit me like a glove. The material felt great on my skin.  The beautiful sleeves really complimented the overall look of the dress. What’s not to love about this dress? If you’re looking for affordable cute dresses visit Stay Fierce Boutique, you want be sorry. Use code curlypetiterenee for 15% off.

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

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Bag Sam Moon


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Being bold with OTS…

IMG_7363Hello everyone, just stopping in to showcase this pretty OTS dress with flutter sleeves. I hope everyone is having a phenomenal day. So, I’m off to do a bit of shopping. A girl can never have enough dresses, and I’m sure my favorite shops are calling me. What are some of your favorite shops? Of course a few of mine are New York and Company, Forever 21, and Rainbow Shops. Have a blessed Saturday.

Hugs and Kisses!









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Flower bomb…


Keeping it short and sweet on this wonderful Friday. Another cute OTS dress. When I like something, I just can’t be stopped. So with that being said, in walks another floral print dress. Spring has become my favorite season, with all the cute dresses waiting for me to purchase them.

Are you that person that finds a dress in one color, and realize you must have them all? Well I admitting that person is so ME! The colors in this dress, made me smile. That’s why you must visit, Rainbow shops. They offer cute fashionable dresses for reasonable prices.

My motto is always, it’s not how much you pay for something, but how you look in it. That’s how I feel about this dress. Clothes don’t make the person, the person wearing them do. To complete the look, I decided to wear my cute brown sandals. For accessories it was all about the gold.





Happy Good Friday Luvs!


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Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Charming Charlie

“Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.”
Author unknown

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Flowers and OTS…


When I saw the Agaci ad on Facebook for this dress, I knew I had to click the link. The colors were vibrant, and it was off the shoulder, major added bonus. As I loaded up my cart, the excitement was taking over. The questions were swirling in my head. Where would I wear it? What shoes would look best with it? Should I wear a hat? Those were the most common questions that came to mind.

Now you see, I have really been coming out of my comfort zone with my fashion. Until this season, I can’t really remember wearing so many floral prints. Now I just can’t get enough. Like I’ve said before isn’t that what fashion is all about taking risks. And, boy have I’ve been taken some.

The doorbell rings, and I just know that’s my order from @agaci. I run down the stairs to find my package sitting, waiting on me to scoop it up. I was like a little kid during Christmas ripping the package so I can lay eyes on this beauty. That’s what a cute dress does to me!

I had all the accessories in mind, now it was time to put it all together.  I purchased this cute hat from Walmart, and I figured this accessory would enhance my outfit (while keeping the sun away) so how could I go wrong.  I must say the end result was phenomenal. I love when I put an outfit together, and I get so many compliments. Hearing that makes it all worthwhile. The material of this dress is high quality, and the fit was perfect. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dress.

“You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.”


Dress: Agaci
Hat: Walmart
Shoes: Stage Stores
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Sunnies: O Clothing Store