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The gift of Time with Jord Watches…


Father’s Day is fast approaching and I can’t help but put a smile on my face, when I think about my own father. When I was contacted by Jord Watches to collaborate with them, I couldn’t have been happier. In thinking of quality watches, I can only think of one brand that stands out, and that’s Jord Watches. The wood box that it comes in is remarkable in detail, and I couldn’t wait to open to show everyone I know just why they should own one as well. The emerald background on the face of the watch only enhances the overall look of the watch. Everyone needs a great timepiece, that can be passed down, and trust me Jord Watches is one that will withstand the test of time.


Now, this is the type of watch that will never go out of style, just because of the craftsmanship. This would be the perfect watch to give for Father’s Day or a just because gift. When I think of my own father, and all the time I would see him in unique watches, I became fixated with quality watches. As a little girl spending time (no pun attended) with my father was the highlight of my day. Time isn’t guaranteed to any of us, but a quality watch is, and by entering my Jord giveaway you can own a piece of luxury.

Click the link, as one lucky winner will win a $100 towards a Jord Watch, and for all the others who enter will receive a $25 gift card. With a deal like this, everyone wins. This timepiece will go with almost anything I could possibly wear, so thank me later for sharing it with you.  This is the main reason why everyone should own one. When was the last time you purchased a watch that can be styled with anything? The contest will close  June 4, 2017 11:59pm. So why not enter and give that special someone a watch they can be proud of. The watch I fell in love is the Reece Zebrawood & Emerald.

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Black and white OTS gingham dress…


Hello all, happy Thursday! Just think, I’ve been on vacation and had to cancel my plans to go to Louisiana because I got sick… not a good look. This is first day I actually felt better, so I thought I would share with you the cutest OTS gingham dress from SHEIN. Ok, let’s talk about this company for a minute. I had previously ordered from them, but wasn’t very happy with my choices. I went by the size guide, and let’s just say these things are now on my Poshmark page because they were to small. So I decided to give them another chance, the prices is really what brought me back to them.

Now don’t get me wrong, the prices are beyond reasonable and almost too good to be true, but oh well what’s the worse that could happen. If you’re needing your outfits in a quick delivery, this might not be for you unless you pay more to have it delivered early. It took almost three weeks to get my order, but hey it was well worth the wait. The minute I received the text saying my package was delivered, I instantly started to feel better. I guess no matter how sick I am, receiving packages makes me feel better (yeah I know it’s all in my head) and btw the post office loves me.

The black and white gingham dress really stood out, not because it was another OTS dress, but look at those bell sleeves. Can you say cute… I was initially concern when I put the dress on, felt like it might be a bit snug. Let’s just say I fell in love, and this dress will be in major rotation this summer. I mean it’s black and white, and will look so great with any color shoe, I decided to pair the dress with a pair of blue caged heels. Added my black choker, black box style bag and I was ready to meet the girls for a little light lunch (still not feeling my best) at Ruggles Green in Sugar land, Texas. I hope you like the dress just as much as I do. Until next time!

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Ruggles green blackened shrimp salad, quite delicious!



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Spring favorite OTS dress…



Hello all, I had to come on and share this cute OTS dress I picked up at Rainbow Shops. The colors in the dress gave me just the excuse I needed to wear my new olive sandals. I generally buy my clothes first, and match the shoe later. In my case, I have every color, but not all styles. Unless you are a shoe lover, you want understand different shoes, for different outfits is a must.

Ok enough of talking about shoes, let’s get back to this floral dress. The dress is very flowy, and can be worn with multiple color shoes and accessories. I think this is the first year, I’ve purchased so many dresses from Rainbow Shops. This dress can be a great outfit for brunch with the girls or maybe even date night with that special someone. Until next time!

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Bag: last year JustFab

Necklace: SamMoon
Earrings: Charming Charlie

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Strawberry picking… 🍓

Photo credit: http://www.frobergsfarm

For two years now I’ve been wanting to visit Froberg’s Farm to experience picking strawberries. So, I finally was able to experience what it was like to actually go through aisle by aisle picking my very own strawberries. When I tell you I had a really great time, and I think my mom enjoyed herself as well. I was a little terrified initially, because I just don’t like bugs or bees. In my mind I kept thinking what if I get stung by a bee, to my surprise that didn’t happen. Very happy about that…


The farm is open seven days a week and located at 3601 West Hwy 6. Alvin, Texas 77511. If you live in the Houston area, this farm is a must see. They offer a wide range of fresh fruit, and vegetables. Strawberry picking usually starts in January and ends in late May. So, don’t get discouraged if you weren’t able to make it for strawberry picking this year. Visit their website at or on Facebook. They also offer the opportunity to pick your very own vegetables among many other fun things to do. Certain days are mapped out for particular vegetables. I’m looking forward to picking my own cherry tomatoes.

The farm is about 200 acres and has been in business since 1936 (according to the website). The current owners are Alfred and Nina Froberg, I didn’t get an opportunity to meet them on this trip, but hope to do so next time. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables they offer fried pies and so much more. This is why I say it’s a place you must visit. After picking all those strawberries, I had worked up quite an appetite. Just think, I didn’t have to leave the farm to get something to eat. I decided on a jalapeño and cheese sausage sandwich which was so tasty. The weather was perfect to sit outside in their outdoor seating area and eat my lunch.

Frobergs Farm gave me the best Sunday I’ve had in a while. Me and my mother bonding while picking strawberries was priceless. Although, I went to pick strawberries, I didn’t leave with just that. I was able to pick up items to make my own trail mix (great snack items), and some fresh veggies. When I made it home, I couldn’t wait to taste the strawberries because they looked so good, I was hoping they taste just as good as they look. Let’s just say I was very pleased, and I will definitely be back next year to do it all again.









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Black and white colorblock…

IMG_1909Just stopping in to share this cute colorblock dress. In my opinion, black and white is always such classic colors. A LBD can be so practical, and mix in the white it takes the entire style up a notch. This dress is definitely a must have. The design of the front of the dress really had me feeling girly, I’m not sure why. Don’t judge me though! Check out that cold shoulder though, doesn’t it just give the dress a bit of an edge.

The fit of the dress was spot on. Swing dresses always seem to fit my body type. Gave me just enough room to flow with ease. I paired it with my fuchsia heels, to add a Pop of color to the look. Remember adding a little color to an outfit is always a great thing. Don’t be scared! Everyone has their own unique fashion, so where what makes you happy. That’s how I decide what outfits I will wear daily. Now don’t get me wrong, I love trendy clothes, but sometime thinking outside the box is okay.

My black bag, and black and white earrings completed my look, and your girl was ready to start her day. Didn’t do any shopping, something I always seem to do on my off days. It was a very low key day, just a little lunch. I hope you all had a phenomenal day. Until next time.

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Sim Earrings

Necklace and bag: Sam Moon

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Yellow flower love…


When I was contacted by Stay Fierce Boutique about collaborating with them on a blog post, I didn’t know what to think. I had never heard of the boutique, so I searched the internet to see what type of clothing they had to offer. Let’s just say I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw all the cute dresses they had to offer. I knew this was going to be a great partnership.

As I strolled page by page, this bright yellow dress with flower prints on it made my day (who doesn’t like bright colors?) I immediately sent the email back to gladly accept. I knew exactly what I wanted to pair the dress with. I decided on my pink fluffy heels I had purchased at A’gaci, and nude color bag purchased from Sam Moon. So, now all that was left to do was wait anxiously at the door. Nah, I’m joking… Well not really!

The dress finally arrived, and I was ready to get dress and show the world this cute little number. I received multiple compliments, I do believe it was the bright yellow color. The dress had all the colors for a nice Spring look, and most importantly the flower detail. I’m wearing a size medium, and  the dress fit me like a glove. The material felt great on my skin.  The beautiful sleeves really complimented the overall look of the dress. What’s not to love about this dress? If you’re looking for affordable cute dresses visit Stay Fierce Boutique, you want be sorry. Use code curlypetiterenee for 15% off.

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

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Bag Sam Moon


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Two toned chambray dress…


Here we go again another OTS dress. While shopping online I decided to visit Cato, a store I hadn’t shopped at in years. So as I was strolling page by page, this OTS chambray dress caught my attention. As always I put it in my cart, then I changed my mind (how often do you do that?) Another day went by and the dress was still on my mind, so I immediately ordered it.

When the dress finally arrived, I was so happy with my choice. The two tone look, and the fact the dress had pockets was a BIG win for me. I knew my espadrilles and Spring hat would make the outfit stand out. Also, how cute is this bag with the blue flowers on it? The overall bag has a neutral color, and definitely will be a great look for Spring and Summer. It’s a new month, and I’m looking forward to great things happening. Have a fabulous start of the week.

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Hat: JCPenney