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The day I took my Life back…

As so many of us go through life, we encounter ups and downs. Well today I’m sharing a more personal post. In July 2005, the day I walked down the aisle I couldn’t have been happier. I think as I look back on that day, I realized that I was more excited about planning the wedding than actually getting married. Maybe that was a tell tale sign that I just didn’t take heed to, nonetheless I’s married now I thought.

The first two years were okay, and I do mean okay. I just imagined things would get better. Year three hit, and that’s when I saw the fun loving person starting to dwindle away. I would look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back. My outer appearance was changing drastically, and I didn’t want to face the reason why. I went on with my everyday life as if I was okay, but I wasn’t. I was so unhappy in my marriage and turned to food as comfort. No one knew what I was feeling, and I was ashamed to tell them.

Each year got worse and worse, and I finally came to terms with what was going on. I didn’t want to be married anymore, and Depression had reared its ugly head. Wow, I thought me depressed! Not the girl who always has a Smile on her face. How could this be happening? So, as the years kept going, so did my weight. Depression is real and it will affect you in so many ways. Now, this was something I definitely wasn’t going to share with anyone. How could I have failed in my marriage? How could I have allowed myself to gain so much weight?

Everyday was like a vicious cycle, I went to work (faked the smile), came home and ate and ate. I found myself staying in my bed more because I just couldn’t face the world. I knew I had to go to work, bills got to get paid. Outside of that what was the point in leaving the house. I cried a great deal because my emotions were all over the place. You see that’s what Depression does, it leaves you feeling empty and alone. The funniest thing though, I went to the doctor for a routine visit, and I got on the scale. When I saw my weight I just knew someone must have been on my back. No way, I would be weighing 156lbs at 4’9.

Now my husband never physically abuse me, it was more verbal abuse. For me, verbal abuse is so much harder to deal with. With physical at least the bruise will go away (Sidenote: not that I’m advocating either one.) But, how do you get the verbal words thrown at you out of your head?? I replayed them over and over until I was about to explode. I sunk deeper in depression. So what, finally led me to get it together, was the day I found out my husband of six years had cheated. However, I do realize women and men cheat, but I refuse to be with someone who wasn’t going to treat me like the Queen I am.

That day I said I will not be a Victim anymore and I will take back my life. So, that’s exactly what I did. I jump started my weight loss with a natural diet supplement, and did light exercises. I changed from binge eating, and opted for a more healthy approach. Week two I started to see a change, and I got excited. I was finally on the right path to getting back to the person I use to be. Fast forward to reaching my goal, it was my birthday and I was down 32lbs. Now when I looked in the mirror, I saw me again.

Yeah the weight was just one area I needed to work on. I needed to also work on the inside of me. I prayed more than I can ever remember. I wanted God to take these demons out of me and make me completely whole again. When I say prayer works, if you don’t believe me try it. I was starting to be more social again, as I wasn’t ashamed of my outer appearance, and I enjoyed myself. I thought I should do this more often…

Don’t always assume if someone has a smile on their face, that their happy. They could be masking how they really feel inside. Also reach out to someone if you’re experiencing signs of depression. Call 1-800-662-4357, if you’re experience any type of mental issues. Someone is always willing to help, you don’t have to face it alone.

Although I’ve put on a few pounds from my original goal, I’m okay with that and I will get back on track. I couldn’t be happier, as I’m finally doing what I love. Just find what makes you happy, and like Nike say Just Do It… In my Destiny Child voice, I AM A SURVIVOR, I’m not going to give up.

Hugs and Kisses!

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Flowers and OTS…


When I saw the Agaci ad on Facebook for this dress, I knew I had to click the link. The colors were vibrant, and it was off the shoulder, major added bonus. As I loaded up my cart, the excitement was taking over. The questions were swirling in my head. Where would I wear it? What shoes would look best with it? Should I wear a hat? Those were the most common questions that came to mind.

Now you see, I have really been coming out of my comfort zone with my fashion. Until this season, I can’t really remember wearing so many floral prints. Now I just can’t get enough. Like I’ve said before isn’t that what fashion is all about taking risks. And, boy have I’ve been taken some.

The doorbell rings, and I just know that’s my order from @agaci. I run down the stairs to find my package sitting, waiting on me to scoop it up. I was like a little kid during Christmas ripping the package so I can lay eyes on this beauty. That’s what a cute dress does to me!

I had all the accessories in mind, now it was time to put it all together.  I purchased this cute hat from Walmart, and I figured this accessory would enhance my outfit (while keeping the sun away) so how could I go wrong.  I must say the end result was phenomenal. I love when I put an outfit together, and I get so many compliments. Hearing that makes it all worthwhile. The material of this dress is high quality, and the fit was perfect. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dress.

“You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.”


Dress: Agaci
Hat: Walmart
Shoes: Stage Stores
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Sunnies: O Clothing Store





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A little bit of lace…


Trends come and go, but this cold shoulder look is one I will never get tired of. It’s amazing how my style has shifted from wearing jeans all the time, to loving dresses. I find that they seem to make me feel more feminine. Now don’t get me wrong, I will never give up my jeans, but this love affair I’m having with cold shoulder dress and off the shoulder dresses is here for a while.

Now let’s talk about this cute number I scored on sale at my local Palais Royal store, sister store to Stage. The dress had the right amount of lace, and the navy color was so pretty, and the material was soft to the touch. Anyone that knows me, trying on clothes is something I don’t enjoy to do, but for some odd reason I needed to see what this dress looked like. As I slipped it over my head, and looked in the mirror, it was SOLD at that moment.

I loved that I was able to find the shoes (which were extremely comfortable) and the purse from the same store to complete the look. A great deal of people sleep on Palais Royal, but I’ve been quite lucky to find some great pieces, for reasonable prices. Doesn’t hurt that I always seem to have a reward.

It’s funny when people ask me where I purchase my dress, and I tell them Palais Royal their response is always, isn’t that an older person store. I don’t know why people feel that way, but as long as they continue to have cute dresses, I’m a customer for LIFE…

Dress: Palais Royal

Shoes: Stage

Bag: Palais Royal

Sunnies: Francescas





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The love of Spring…

IMG_0902Spring is here and I’m loving on the color blush. So many times I come across a dress that leaves me speechless, and this off the shoulder lace dress did just that. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, me speechless. Well anyone that knows me, know that I always have something to say. Never speechless….

You see, as I was doing my usual online shopping, I found myself on Stage website, and this dress was the first thing I saw. I thought about it for a minute or two, cause you see I’m suppose to be in ” shopping rehab” but I just couldn’t help myself. This dress had all the elements of Spring so I knew it’s was definitely for me.

As I pondered over whether to order online or go into the store, all I could remember was I ended up at Stage sister store Palais Royal cause with a dress like this, I didn’t want to wait for it. What made the purchase that much better was, it was on sale, and I had rewards so that brought the price down even more.

Now let me tell you, the right shoe will make or break your outfit, and I saw these cute Madden Girl Sandals, and the rest is history. My outfit was finally coming together. Lastly, I Opted for a cute spring floppy hat, and my signature Coach bag. Now my outfit was complete. Let’s just say I’m so elated.

” Lace and off the shoulder, what’s not to Love “




IMG_0906Dress and Shoes: Stage

Bag: Coach Outlet

Bracelet: New York and Company

Floppy Hat: Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

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Giving you the cold shoulder!

With so many different trends out, I’m sharing one of my favorites. The cold shoulder gives you that peek-a-boo feel. It has just the right amount of skin. I’ve been saying I wish we had warmer weather just to break out this cute ruffled cold shoulder Dress and here we are.

Hotter than what I expected, but nonetheless I get to wear my dress. Can you hear the excitement in my voice??  Yippee , as Spring is almost here. See, I live in Fresno, Texas (outside of Houston) where we really don’t experience all seasons. We encounter more warmer weather than anything.

When I received the dressed, I just knew my Steve Madden Espadrilles and Leopard bag would complete the look. When you’re looking for comfortable shoes, these don’t disappoint. My Leopard bag added sass to the entire outfit. Buckle up everyone, more cold shoulder to come.

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend.






Dress: Francesca’s

Espadrilles: Steve Madden

Handbag: Charming Charlie

Sunnies: Marshalls





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I shared this photo and message on Instagram yesterday, now I figured I would write what led me to post it. In having a conversation with my mom about people who are in your life and how supportive they may or not be, I had to think about my own life. I’ve never been one to look to others for validation and I wasn’t going to start now.


I’ve started this blog so many times, but never stuck with it out of fear that it wouldn’t be good enough for readers to view 😒. Well after my convo with moms, I’ve decided if know one reads it, that’s okay and I will be just fine. This will be my way of sharing my thoughts, and my fashions….


So,  as we go through this thing call Life, it’s always going to be someone that JUST don’t like you. Keep pushing and being the best YOU that you can be. Hate is such an UGLY word, as we need more love and compassion. People hate for so many reasons, one of the main reasons is they are unhappy with some things in their own life. So you see, when I found this T-shirt, I thought it spoke volumes. You can do everything in your power for people to like you, but sometime it just doesn’t happen. Don’t sweat the SMALL stuff.

Walk in your TRUTH!

However I’m very grateful for the people that I’ve met that has helped in my journey of LIFE… When you find those people, hold them near and dear to your heart!


Graphic Tshirt: Rainbow Shops-old

Jeans: New York and Company

Bag: Coach outlet

Booties: K & G Superstore